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Bob Bliss

Business Overview

Currently, I am the founder/owner of Bob Bliss Associates, Inc., a consulting company focused on businesses, colleges, and universities.  Our specialty is basically crisis management.  We work with those either experiencing difficulty or are on the verge of financial or management problems.  In my career I have owned four corporations, three were start-ups, one was purchased just prior to bankruptcy.  Adding to my background was my serving also as a college president.  Having positions in higher education at three colleges and a Vice-Presidency of a national company added a wide variety of potential clients.  Four clients, three business and one college, hired me to remain with them as CEO for a period of one year or until they were profitable, whichever came first.  We have a high success rate of 98.8% with clients.  We are committed to excellence, privacy, and a highly confidential relationship.

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My Story

I’m Bob Bliss, a native of Michigan, raised on a farm, and moved to Charleston, WV in 1975.  My early years on the farm instilled a strong work ethic.  Discipline and responsibility were high the list as we not only worked 180 acres of food products, but also cared for a herd of cattle, pigs, horses and roughly 500 chickens.  Lessons on a farm relate closely to business.

Referrals & Contact Information

We make CEO’s and Presidents look good!  We bring a new set of eyes to difficult situations, along with guidelines for improvement.  With 50 years of management experience, we provide proven methods of positive guidance

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