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John Saar

Fernwood Creek has been servicing small businesses for nearly 35 years in California, Texas, Puerto Rico, Africa, and now in Charleston since 2014.  Continuing the service of excellence as I have since 1988.  The prime businesses that need the services of Fernwood Creek are doctors and veterinarians, law offices, small manufacturing firms, and most any business with a couple to 20 or more computers.

I will assure you will have an efficient, smooth-running network.  I do my job, so you can concentrate on yours.

My Story

I was born in Pittsburgh, PA, the oldest of three children.  My father moved us to Northern California, 20 miles east of San Francisco when I was nine.  Ten years later, we moved to a suburb 10 miles north of Los Angeles.  Where I attended college in San Luis Obispo and started my IT career with California Federal Savings and Loan in the early 1980s.

One thing leads to another in 1988, my dad helped me start, Professional Micro Solutions, which is now Fernwood Creek.  Even though successful, at the beginning of 2014, I decided to move myself and my business to Charleston to get away from the crowds and be closer to my brother.  He moved here in 1995.  After the passing of my mom in 2017, my sister moved here as well.  Now all three siblings are again within several miles of each other.

In 2015, I meet a magnificent West Virginia girl, we married in 2016.  I have two adult daughters still on the west coast.  My wife and I enjoy living in our South Hills home overlooking the Kanawha Valley with Hank our cat and Bob our dog.

Referrals & Contact Information

An important aspect of creating a smooth-running business is planning.   I maintain the data structure for dozens of companies.  Bringing me in to assist in the coordination of your IT equipment will save countless hours.  I have been involved in dozens of startups and moves from small offices to a large data center and even an oil barrel manufacturing plant. 

Cell  818-326-5664

Office  304-551-7221

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